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Health Add-Ons

15 Day Viral Guarantee $79.95​

Our 15-day viral guarantee is an absolute must. It is not uncommon for puppies to develop a puppy colds during transit. The stressful commute, being introduced to a new home, and the constant handling of a new puppy, compromises the immune system of your new infant puppy. With our 15-day viral guarantee we will cover medical bills up to $500 including medications and x-rays.

1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee $99.95

Most customers take advantage of our 1-Year genetic heath guarantee, which includes covering any genetic issues that could happen within a year. Genetic health issues can include but no limited to heart, lung, kidney, liver, knees, hips and any other qualifying genetic health issues. A one-time investment allows for a reimbursement of 100% of the purchase price of your puppy towards medical bills.

12 Year Life Insurance Guarantee $149.95

At about a cost of a $1/month you can insure your investment in your puppy is safe. The 12-year guarantee is a credit toward the purchase of another puppy if heaven forbid the puppy was to pass away due to a genetic health issue. Your first year receive 100% credit, years 2-12 receive a 50% credit towards the purchase of another puppy.

Total Health Guarantee Bundle Package $299.95 (Save $30)

Includes:* 15-day viral, *1 year genetic, and *12 year life insurance guarantee With our Total Health Guarantee Bundle Package your new puppy will receive all 3 of our medical and life guarantees. With these guarantee you have the piece of mind that the health of your new family member is completely covered.

Best Value Puppy Bundle

Safety Add-Ons

Live AKC Trainer and Online Puppy Training $149.95

Our training package is made to be simple enough to help first time puppy owners as well as experienced puppy owners. Enjoy simple to understand video tutorials, emailed training tips, and a lifetime of over the phone support from one of our AKC professional dog trainers. There is no support limit to our trainers. Simply pickup the phone and call them they are ready and willing to help you train your new puppy. Courses include but not limited to potty training, leash training, and obedience training.

AKC or AKC Partners Automatic Registration $99.95

Every puppy can be registered with AKC or AKC Companions registration. If you puppy is already registered with the American Kennel Club your puppy will be automatically registered with AKC. If the puppy is registered with any other registration i.e. ICA, ACA, CKC or any other registration your puppy will be registered with AKC Companions. When you receive your puppy you may also choose to dual register your puppy with the original registration. Taking advantage of our automated registration process makes it easy and carefree for you. AKC will give you a call in a few days and ask for the name of your puppy.


Lifetime Microchip Activation With Amber Alert $129.95

Our microchip system is one of the industries leading most advanced microchip services. Microchips are like virtual dog tags that cannot be lost or removed. A safe and painless chip between your puppy’s shoulder blades is implanted, and then activated in your name. When the puppy is found the puppy’s microchip is coded with a unique number that is registered to your name. This ensures that when your puppy is found you are notified immediately. The puppy’s microchip’s amber alert allows everyone in the network of shelters, rescues, and veterinarians within a 20-mile radius to be notified that you puppy is missing, and to alert you when the puppy is found!

Microchip Activation, Training, and AKC Registration Bundle Package $349.95 (Save $30)

The best puppy package ever! Receive all 3 of our value added new puppy benefits at one affordable price. This bundle package is truly the complete package! You don’t have to worry about making several phone calls, filling out forms, waiting for information in the mail. This program automatically registers your puppy with AKC or AKC companions, activates the puppy’s microchip for a lifetime, and saves you thousands of dollars on puppy training. It’s all yours for a savings price of only $349.95!

Best Value Puppy Bundle

Bells & Whistles

Frontline Flea Treatment Applied $19.95

Our Frontline flea treatment for puppy is a topical spray that is applied before your puppy’s delivery. Frontline protects from harmful fleas and ticks for up to a month. Keep your puppy protected!

Puppy Bow and Blueberry Splash Applied $9.95

Your puppy is a gift to yourself and your family. Why not receive him or her like a present. With this option you puppy comes complete with a bow around his collar and a splash of doggy safe perfume in a variety of flavors such as blueberry, apples, chocolate, puppy perfume Chanel No 5, or puppy perfume Giorgio.

Starter Food Vitamin and Probiotic $29.95

REQUIRED- To ensure the puppy has the absolute best start with you and your family we require a starter food, vitamin supplement, and probiotic with every purchase. These items will help ensure the puppy continues to eat, reduces tummy problems, and strengthens the puppy during transport and the first few weeks.

Bells & Whistles

State Health Certificate $49.95

REQUIRED- According to state law every puppy has to be vet checked and receive a health certificate before takeoff!

state health certificate for puppies