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Do’s And Don’ts For Housetraining Messes

messy dogAs a new dog owner, you will soon realize that puppies tend to eliminate at certain usual spots. They are drawn to the smell of urine so they know where to do it again. This is a good thing since they can be housetrained to eliminate in designated “bathroom areas.” Unfortunately, this training will take several weeks or even months to kick in, so you will need to diligently clean any accidents inside your home to eliminate the stains and smells and discourage the behavior.


Puppies for sale in Los Angeles are usually not potty trained when you take them home. Although accidents are inevitable, it is best to prevent them from happening rather than cleaning up afterwards. Here are some do’s and don’ts for discouraging repeat offenses and keeping your home clean and odor-free:




  • If you catch your pet in the act, express your displeasure by clapping your hands and firmly saying “NO!” But don’t shout. If your pet has not eliminated yet, take him or her to the designated toilet area. If he can’t stop, let him finish and then move him away so you can clean the area. If you move him as he’s eliminating, you risk spraying their mess all over your house, which will increase the cleaning work.


  • If you detect a mess that has been there for a while, the only thing you can do is move your pet and clean the area thoroughly so your pet does not detect the smell and repeat the offense.


  • Use your eyes and nose to find all messes. Use a black-light bulb to find old urine stains – when the room is completely dark – and outline the stains with chalk.


  • All soiled areas must be deep cleaned to completely remove the stain and odor. This requires the use of an enzymatic neutralizer to eliminate the smell. Dogs tend to eliminate in areas where they have done so before – if they can find the smell of their mess. Removing the odor prevents this.




  • Get angry or shout at your puppy. He’s still too young to know what to do, and scaring him might strain your relationship.


  • Physically abuse your pet in any way. This includes swatting him or rubbing his nose in the mess. Doing this might send the wrong message and prevent them from eliminating in front of you – making potty training harder.


  • Crate your pet if he has a tendency of soiling in there because it could affect their natural instinct to maintain a clean den. They need to associate the crate with cleanliness and comfort.


Learn from the messes and improve your housetraining skills

Always try to find out why your puppy created the mess, rather than dismissing it as something expected of a puppy. These messes are your fault. Perhaps you are not taking him to the designated potty area frequently enough, or you are giving him too many treats that cause irregular bowel movement, or you are introducing him to new foods too fast. There are many other likely causes. Find out the reason, sharpen your potty training, and thoroughly clean the mess.

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