Los Angeles Pet Adoption

The Fancy Puppy is your place for Los Angeles pet adoption. ¬†We here at The Fancy Puppy believe that every puppy should have a home especially during the holidays. That’s why we offer a variety of puppies for sale and for adoption in our store. We love puppies and love the joy that they bring us and we’re here to help. Come on down and play with all of our puppies for adoption.

Meet Buddy the loveable Bichon Frise for sale. He is elegant, calm yet playful, gentle snug bug. He loves to be on your lap and under your arm. He just wants you to take him home and love him. Bichon puppies have ¬†hypoallergenic coats which mean they are excellent for those that suffer from allergeies. They are best know as the puffy dogs of the dog world as they’re hair puffs up like a cute little cotton ball that everyone loves and adores.

Come and play with Buddy today at The Fancy Puppy located at 530 Hidden Valley Pkwy. Corona, CA 92879 or call us for more information at 9-51-278-9844.


Los Angeles pet adoption
Los Angeles pet adoption

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