Tips For Grooming Your Husky Puppy Coat Year Round

If you have been searching for husky puppies for sale in Los Angeles, it is important that you start familiarizing yourself with the grooming needs of your new pet to keep his double coat looking great. This means educating yourself on bathing and shampoos, brushes and brushing, and coat health.

 Huskies are classified as double coated dog breeds because they have two layers of fur: a fine undercoat to keep them warm during cold weather, and a waterproof top coat. The undercoat comprises soft fine fur that should never become matted as it could lose its insulating properties, exposing your pet to adverse weather. The outer layer, on the other hand, comprises guard hairs that grow through the undercoat and are impervious to moisture so your pet stays dry in wet weather. 

 Here are some other interesting things to note about grooming your husky puppy in Los Angeles:


  • Young husky puppies only have the soft fuzzy undercoat layer (without the real guard) until the age of around 10 to 14 months, when they shed all their puppy fur and form the full adult double coat afresh.
  • Despite their heavy coats, husky puppies should never be clipped or shaved under the assumption that they will be cooler during summer. Once the double coat grows, the outer guard hairs form in such a way that they create an air pocket that protects your pet from both UV radiation and heat. So, they are fully adjusted to be comfortable in cold and hot environments. In fact, shaving the fur could cause your pet to develop skin problems, or exposed to extreme weather since the fur will grow back unevenly.
  • Husky dogs release their thick undercoat gradually as the seasonal warm weather advances, following a long cold spell. This process of blowing or casting off their undercoat typically lasts up to 6 weeks, and can be quite troublesome for pet owners. As you look around for husky puppies for sale in Los Angeles, remember to also shop for lint rollers and a good vacuum cleaner as you will need them to collect heaps of undercoat that easily stick to clothing, furniture, and other soft surfaces every shedding season.
  • Besides the few weeks of cleaning shed fur every summer, Huskies require minimal grooming. Their coat is not that oily, so they don’t have a strong doggy odor for you to clean them regularly. Actually, you only need to wash your pet when he’s exceptionally dirty or smelly, or once or twice a year. When he’s not shedding, you only need to brush the coat once a week to keep it shiny and healthy looking.


When buying your husky puppy in Los Angeles, it is recommended that you get the right tools to help with grooming your new pet. The two most common ones are the undercoat rake and the fulminators that help to remove dead undercoat fur when shedding to facilitate proper re-growth of the undercoat later on.

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